If lumps in the breast occur periodically and disappear after the onset of menstruation, their cause is the onset of the menstrual cycle and hormonal fluctuations in the body. This seal does not affect the appearance of the breast and the General state of health and requires no treatment. Also the formation of lumps in the breast often causes the hormonal drugs which affect the natural balance of hormones – in this case, you must see a doctor and stop taking the drugs.
Women often detect a breast lump while breastfeeding – and especially in the presence of inflammatory processes (mastitis), and blockage of the milk ducts. To provoke the appearance of the bumps can hypothermia, the improper selection and wearing bra and infection through cracks in nipple. This contributes to thrombosis – a clot formed in Vienna breast cancer and leads to its inflammation. This marked increase in temperature and redness of the breast skin affected area.
To seal in the mammary gland had not degenerated into malignant tumors, it is necessary to diagnose their origin and if necessary start treatment. The diffuse form of mastitis is treated by eliminating the main reasons of its occurrence – namely, disorders of the ovaries and pituitary gland. Often the treatment begins with restoration of normal functioning of the reproductive organs, nervous system and liver by estrogens, oral contraceptives, Progestogens, androgens, and substances that suppress the production of prolactin.
Non-hormonal treatment of mastitis is a personal diet, wearing the right bra, taking diuretics, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and drugs that improve blood circulation. In addition, the woman is prescribed a course of antioxidants that can significantly improve liver function, vitamins A, B, E and iodine. In mastopathy it is impossible to self-medicate and use traditional recipes getting rid of seals in the breast.