The only truly effective method of treatment of cellulitis is surgery. If the disease is in the superficial tissues, surgery will not be difficult to carry out even the most novice surgeon. But if the inflammation occurs in the deep tissues, then require a complex operation. After all, the specialist need not only to open the cavity, but also to purify it from the purulent formations. Usually in places that are affected, there is a ligamentous or muscular tissue, already corroded by the pus. And are nerve endings, damage which is in any case impossible.
In addition, at least difficult to clear the wound of dead tissue and to ensure the flow of exudate. If the disease is neglected, treat it very difficult. Often surgeons do not undertake any active actions, and just draining the pus from the cavity, prescribe an antibiotic and wait for reactions to this treatment. This therapy usually end in severe complications.
For the treatment of this disease in many clinics use physical therapy. This method is suitable only if a good cleaning of the wound from pus. For this purpose, a wound is installed silicone tube, through which flow the remains of the pus and exudate. The open wound must be treated with special preparations. Earlier for these purposes used furatsilin, currently actively used Miramistin, dioxidine and algodoeiro.
To close the wound, sometimes requires transplanting parts of the skin and tissues. In the treatment of this disease the patient pick up antibiotics after tests on the sensitivity of the pathogen to antibiotics.
In addition, the disease often is associated with lowered immunity, so the patient is prescribed immunogram, and then select the special immunomodulating drugs.
In any case it is impossible to independently assign itself an such medication and to self-medicate. Ineffective in the treatment of cellulitis are and ointments, which are now very actively advertised.