The cyst is – a neoplasm that appears after failure of the ovaries. Today, there are several varieties of this disease. But in any case the cyst are best treated with surgical intervention. If you want to avoid such procedures, you should consult with your doctor who will help you to choose the treatment. It's possible that will be enough to go through hormonal course with birth control pills.
The first symptoms of the occurrence of the cysts are nagging pains in the abdomen. The fact that the tumor disturbs the walls of the ovary, irritating nearby nerve endings.
Numerous acne, greasy hair, fast hair growth over the body and other unusual things also indicate problems with the ovary. At this stage, the doctor can easily detect the cyst by means of special treatment and diagnostic equipment. While modern devices allow you to avoid surgery. This fact is especially important for those women who plan to have children.
The procedure for removal of the cysts without surgery is performed the following way. After the detection of tumors using ultrasound, a doctor inserts into the cavity of the cyst, the special puncture needle, which is attached to the conductor. From the cyst is drained off all of the content that is later sent for examination. And to connect the capsule wall of the cyst, the cavity is injected a little bit of ethanol.