You will need
  • - threads;
  • - needles;
  • - scissors;
  • centimeter;
  • - cut fabric;
  • - a sewing machine.
To learn how to sew from scratch, without any experience, have to pass courses or to contact an experienced instructor. So you will quickly learn the basics of patterns, hand stitches, treatment options products, learn about the varieties of fabrics and nuances of working with them. From the theoretical course you will learn the basic concepts and definitions to easily navigate all ready diagrams and sketches to sewing. Not knowing the basics, to learn the techniques of sewing almost impossible. After you go to the practical classes.
Start sewing clothes, not with ready patterns from magazines and books, be patient and first learn the techniques of building foundations and modeling products. Understand the main sequence in tailoring: building a framework, modeling, preparation of fabric, raskryvanie, machining of parts and their connection.
Go to the actual study of the technology of sewing. Practice on simple models of clothes, apron, skirt, sundress, t-shirt. The quality of the finished product depends on how properly made measurements and cut the model. Remember the simple truth: "Seven times measure – cut once." Be careful when taking the measurements, this will make the correct calculations and the ideal pattern.
Decompose the elements of the paper pattern on the piece of cloth and carefully draw around it with chalk or a piece of soap. Cut out each item along the outer side of the line, so prepare all the parts of the product. For convenience, the edges of the cut out parts can be processed on a serger, but the fabric has not lost its shape.
Collect the finished product at the seams, baste. You can try the thing. She has already taken the desired shape and should sit on the figure, as expected. If there are defects, perform the required work on the fit.
After the secondary fitting customized products are carefully prostrochite seams on the nous. Treat the beginnings and endings of seams, remove any protruding threads. Pat the product tuturov all machine lines. Go to the new product.