You will need
  • knitted fabric (150 cm width, 70 cm long)
  • 70 cm piping (with a width of 4 cm)
  • thread
  • needles
  • sartorial meter
  • sewing machine
  • paper patterns
  • chalk
  • scissors
On paper make pattern. Tops knitwear have almost the same structure of the shelves and back. Why does one part of the pattern: this is the quarter of the future Mikey. The width of the lower edge of this part - 24, 5 cm Height at the center and 35 cm on the outside (sides) - 36 cm Width of shoulder straps - 7 cm From the straps to the side fold lines and the side lines, draw two arcs: this is the cutout for the neck and armhole sleeve.
Lay the pattern on the left side of the fabric. Shelf and back should eventually consist of each of the two parts of the pattern without cutting. Circle pattern small. Add to this the contour of 1 cm around the perimeter. Cut cut the pieces of fabric with scissors.
Fold the bias tape in half. Keen on her neckline. Prostrochite seams on the machine. Sew the side seams of the product. The bottom of the shirt fold and sew too.