For t-shirts there is one rule that has not changed for centuries: they must consist only of natural cotton. So will be wearing them much more comfortable. In our modern world kottonovye t-shirts are in demand still, despite the large number of synthetic fibers in the fabrics.

There is nothing unusual in the fact that the days when t-shirts were not as popular, not forgotten. After all, the most advantageous part of this element of the wardrobe and is still considered a boxy fit that helps you feel more at ease. Modern women have turned t-shirts into the item everyday wardrobe. And no wonder. In addition to practicality, t-shirts are more affordable prices.

In the spring of this year leading fashion designers suggest the girls take a closer look at the classic t-shirts with no pockets, but with a pretty decent neck. Also relevant in this year wearing t-shirts with sneakers on Tankado, which designers call a Snickers.

Earlier, people believed that classical implies the existence of a t-shirt in white and black colors, and no prints and other abstractions. By the way, the changes in terms of t-shirts can be easily traced in the stunning film "Back to the future" in the first part.

If one is a fan of the classics, as mentioned earlier, then fit a simple plain t-shirt with a collar in the form of a V. It is a versatile option. These shirts are usually made from natural cotton, but sometimes there are impurities elastane, which makes it easier to choose the right size and color for classics is white and black.

However, despite the fact that the inscriptions and the prints mentioned above, in 2016, they relevant as ever. If a white t-shirt to use as a canvas, it is a win-win option in terms of the inscriptions will be any options for any topic. A similar option is the hit of the season. Also in fashion prints with flowers, despite the fact that these prints were in Vogue in past years.

Abstraction on a t-shirt this season will be quite a win-win solution. Abstraction will bring brightness, will not get bored among standard tones. But then you need to know the measure. You can also try to experiment and instead of print or pattern on the entire shirt to choose for him a certain portion of it.