You will need
  • t-shirt;
  • -the tape;
  • -other apparel;
  • store clothes.
Take an ordinary measuring tape and measure the chest girth. To do this properly, wrap the tape measure around the chest and note the value in the place where the beginning of the tape measure fits together with the tape.
The results of the measurement size. If we are talking about a t-shirt for men, chest girth 98 cm indicates a size 44-46 or S. If the result is 99-100 cm, that size shirt is 46-48 or M. If the bust is equal 101-110 centimeters, the size will be 48-50 or L. If the result of the measurement in centimeters 111-118 buy clothes in size XL or 50-52. If the result was 119-122 cm, then choose a t-shirt or XXL 52-54 size. When you result in 123-128 cm your t-shirt needs to be 54 or XXXL size.
If we are talking about a t-shirt for women, when the measurement result of the chest not more than 76 inches your size is XS or 42-44. When you result in 77-80 cm buy t-shirt 44-46 or S size. If the bust is equal 81-88 centimeters, a size - M or 46-48. The result in 88-96 cm indicates need to buy a t-shirt 48-50 or L size. When you bust in 97-100 cm the size of your clothes will be XL or 50-52. And when the measurement result in 100-104 cm buy t-shirt XXL or size 52 to 54.
To navigate the dimensions without using a tape, look at the clothes you always wear. On the inner labels should indicate the dimensions. Accordingly, and pick up a t-shirt of the same size.
Store determine your size by trying on different things. Take a few t-shirts and try to wear all the options. In the mirror immediately be seen, wear what size fits you perfectly.