You will need
  • T-shirt, stencils, paint, fabric, brushes, pins, thermal paper, iron, tweezers, gloves.
For a start, purchase the necessary materials – a t-shirt and acrylic paint on fabric. Consult with the seller – it will help you to choose the paint from a good manufacturer that will not wear off after the second wash. If you are afraid to come into contact with chemicals, also buy thin rubber gloves, which will be easy to draw.
Draw yourself, cut out from a magazine or click online and print the picture. Moreover, the number of colors in the picture, as many copies and need to do. Then cut each sheet of one color. Thus, you get several stencils, which will you need to redraw your t-shirt.
Apply one stencil on a t-shirt. So he has not shifted, you can fix it with pins. The very t-shirt is better to put on something solid – a stool, a table, or just place it under a piece of cardboard. Carefully fill the cut area and allow paint to dry. Then repeat the same with the second stencil, the third and so on. Let the figure dry. All your t-shirt ready.
If you don't want to mess around with stencils, apply the image onto fabric the other way. Print your favorite inscription or picture on the special thermal paper. Moreover, the figure should be displayed mirrored to the t-shirt image looks right. Printing in the settings it is better to choose in the best quality.
White paper the translation of the image on the fabric gives a slightly yellowish color. If this is your principle, cut the picture contour.
Put a print on thermal paper for t-shirt and for one to two minutes to iron her iron. Then for three or four minutes give your applique to cool. Then gently remove the paper fingernails or with tweezers. The picture will remain on the shirt.