You will need
  • fabric, pattern, perseverance
In order to learn how to sew, you can go to the courses of cutting and sewing. If this is not possible, you can try to master sewing on their own. On the Internet you will find build instructions patterns and step-by-step story of the creation of specific things. In specialized magazines are also a lot of similar information. Better to start with the simplest things. It is not accidental that the lessons of labor in school girls are taught to sew first the apron, then a skirt, and then the robe. You can go in the same sequence.
If you do not want to learn to build their own pattern, you can use ready-made, good to find them is not difficult. Put the pattern on tracing paper or any other paper, mark the points of Darts, armholes, zippers. Thin pins pin the pattern to the folded in half fabric, gently draw a small. Don't forget the seam! Now big sharp (check in advance! the fabric should be cut and not to tear) with a pair of scissors, cut out pattern pieces. Engage the details, use a bright thread to make it easier to then remove it. The time of first fitting. Look closely, perhaps, the thing requires you to adjust the length or depth of the Darts. Correct if necessary. Now you can sew. Try to make the line smooth. Don't forget to neaten the seams and hinges. Carefully follow the collar, pockets, zipper, handle armhole and hem. Of course, your first thing will not work immediately perfect. Do not despair! Practice, practice and more practice and who knows, maybe you'll make a new Coco Chanel.