People often get lost in unusual situations. When emergency dental problems of great importance is the timely treatment to the experts. If broken tooth, remove all the pieces and rinse your mouth with boiled water or chamomile. So as not to scratch the tongue and inner part of the cheeks, zarovnaya sharp part of the chip means at hand: a small file with a small grain or a nail file. Do not wait until the pain. Take pain medication and faster go to the doctor. To provide expert assistance in such a situation can dentist. He will examine your mouth, take an x-ray will determine the extent of the damage. Depending on this, a decision will be made about further treatment. If you broke off a small piece of tooth or part of a seal defect can be easily corrected. It is possible to equalize the cleavage, choosing the natural color with the help of modern filling materials.When the cause of damage is tooth decay, you need immediate treatment patient cavity, and then all the beauty treatments to restore. Treatment for a broken tooth is pretty much impossible to put the seal - after the treatment of the affected tissue an empty cavity. Should strengthen the tooth. According to x-rays is determined by the condition of the root and its ability to carry additional load. If there is inflammation canal being treated. Made a cast of the internal cavity of the root and is made of individual metal tab that is fixed with cement. It has a form that not only strengthens the Foundation of the tooth, but will allow you to recover the lost part. If it hurts to eat and no visible damage to the tooth has split vertically. Weak fabric could not stand the load and cracked. X-ray the dentist can determine how deep it is. If the chip is minor, it is still possible to carry out a full restoration. After all the manipulations a dentist typically recommends a crown. They are made from metal alloys and are combined with ceramics. Modern technology of prosthetics allows us to produce crowns, no different from your natural color. They maintain the restored tooth against abrasion and provide full chewing function.