Overheating of the processor leads to unstable operation of the computer. In severe cases, the CPU may malfunction. To avoid this, regularly spend prevention system unit. Disconnect the computer from the mains, Unscrew the fastening screws and remove the side panel.
If the processor is in the form of chip (chip), for heat dissipation radiators and coolers. The radiator looks like a battery made of aluminum or copper plates mounted on the surface of the CPU. The cooler is a small fan attached with screws to the radiator. Put the vacuum cleaner on blow and blow with air to clean the dust all devices of the system unit, including, fins.
To improve heat transfer between the chip and heatsink use special thermal grease. If the thermal paste dries out, its conductivity decreases, and the processor starts to overheat. Carefully remove the heatsink and wipe the contact area with cotton wool soaked in alcohol. In the same way, clean the surface of the chip. Apply a DAB of paste with a diameter of 2-3 mm on the radiator and apply a thin layer to the surface. Put the radiator into place and secure.
The connector on the motherboard, which is inserted into a chip CPU called the socket. When you try to install the CPU into the socket pins of the chip can bend or break. To align the output, use a narrow solid object with smooth surface, for example, a metal ruler or a medical needle.
If the leg (contact pin) broke off, you can try to glue it. Insert the correct plug socket, cut the copper wire of such a length that it slightly rose above the surface. The pad of the chip, which broke off the conclusion with a needle or toothpick, apply a drop of conductive adhesive "Contactor" and gently insert the CPU into the socket to ground with glue, tightly pressed to the "prosthetic" leg.
Watch carefully to "Kontakty" have not got on the other pins of the chip, otherwise there will be a short between them. Again repaired to remove the processor from the connector is not necessary – leg can be broken off again.
If you have a non-working CPU, you can use its parts for repair. Separate from him one of the conclusions and stick to the CPU, which is trying to recover. A thin needle of suitable diameter may also be "helpers". With wire cutters, cut desired length, zarovnaya a file wider edge part and stick the pad to the CPU.