Causes spalling of the tooth

Recovery breakaway part of the tooth is largely dependent on the reasons for which there was a breakaway, for example, in the case that a tooth is affected by caries, may require a more lengthy and serious treatment than in the case of minor injuries or mechanical damage. Perhaps a combination of several reasons – carious teeth become more fragile, so sometimes it is enough even a small pressure for the appearance of cleavage. The main causes of chipping teeth:
- caries;
- mechanical damage during chewing of solid food or being hit in the mouth foreign bodies (pellets in the meat, bone, stone);
- lack of calcium;
- the previously obtained crack;
- overall health (disease, reduced immunity, leading to increased brittleness of teeth).
Small children, because of high activity and imperfect coordination is often injured, leading to spalling of the teeth. Even if a damaged baby tooth that will soon fall out, to do without a visit to the dentist impossible.

The breakaway part of the tooth is not only a visual defect. Damage to the tooth may lead to serious consequences: further destruction of a tooth death of the nerve.

What to do?

Please rate the degree of damage: depends on whether you need to go to the dentist immediately or have the option to wait a day or two. If only the enamel is damaged and broke off a small piece, the dentist will restore the missing tooth portion or undermine ruffled edge. Chipped enamel is usually not accompanied by pain, but the tooth may react to hot and cold foods.

More serious case is the cleavage of dentin (the inner layer of the tooth). Restoration is possible in this case, but it will require more time and effort. When cleavage of dentin possible discomfort when eating acidic or sugary foods.
Do not attempt to glue the piece with the help of chewing gum or any adhesive – so you risk losing the whole tooth. Better show a fragment of the doctor – it will be easier to restore the original shape of the tooth.

If a large chipped portion of the tooth uncovered polarna camera or the raw nerve, going to the doctor immediately – this spalling is accompanied by severe pain, which briefly passes when receiving analgesics, but then comes back. The dentist will have to remove the nerve, seal channels, and possibly to restore the tooth if it is severely damaged or completely destroyed. If the injury was so serious that even the root is damaged, it is possible that the remaining part of the tooth will have to be removed completely.

If possible consult a doctor immediately and not take painkillers and try not to eat hard, hot and acidic foods. See a dentist as soon as you can. If the gum is bleeding - press to it a piece of sterile bandage. When the crack in the tooth do not remove the debris themselves if they still hold.