You will need
  • needle;
  • thin screwdriver;
  • - soldering iron with a fine tip.
Phone Nokia turns on via a small button of inclusionlocated in the upper part of the body, which sometimes deteriorates, falls, pressed, just stops working. As a result, there is yet another thing - the phone is impossible to turn. However, you can try to do without buttons.
When pressing the button, which is in good condition, on the card in the phone body closes two pairs of contacts, which ensure its on/off. Therefore, it is necessary to close these contacts in any way without the help of a button.
If the button is pushed, then try to remove it from the slot using a thin tweezers or any other sharp object. Look inside the case. You will see two pairs of contacts. Lock any two contact, one from each pair, using a needle, paperclip or wire. Try to do this carefully to avoid damaging other close contacts. After the phone turn on, not turn off or allow complete discharge of the battery.
If the stuck button is removed from the socket fails, try using a thin screwdriver to open the phone. Lift the panel and shake the jammed button. Solder it to the contact. Use a soldering iron with a fine tip. To avoid damage to the phone do not overheat the contacts. Close the casing, put the screws to his former place.
If the button is lost or to solder it fails, take two thin wiring length of approximately 10 cm Solder them to the contacts on the Board and print on the outer surface of the housing through the slot, which had previously attached button. To turn the phone on, just connect the ends of the wires.
If attempts to turn the phone yourself without success, consult a specialist.