Try first to loosen the tooth in order to then pull it with less pain. Constantly eat apples and carrots that side, on which is a tooth that bothers you.
Tooth can to undermine and in other ways, for example, language, if it is certainly not causing you pain. Do not meddle in the mouth with the fingers for this purpose. First, you can put in your mouth infection, and second, it looks ugly from the side. In addition, your children are noticing how you are undermining your own tooth, you can take this as a guide to action. At the very least, take a clean bandage (or gauze), wrap it on your fingers and when no one is watching, undermines the tooth.
Don't listen to the advice on the removal of teeth with pliers. Pulling my tooth so pain you don't get rid of. In addition, in this radical way of taking there is a huge risk of damage to other teeth, or worse, get blood poisoning.
If you are concerned about a baby tooth you may pull it with a thread and only when it is already well shattered. Unwanted tooth tie one end of nylon thread and tie the other to the handle of the open door into the room. Several times take a deep breath and abruptly shut the door with his foot (or ask someone about it). The pain is immediate and short. Then do not eat or drink for 2 hours.
Overcoming your fears and consult your dentist. Today, there are several methods of anesthesia before tooth removal. The clinic can offer you traditional local anesthesia with lidocaine, but if you feel bad at the sight of the dentist with forceps in hand, pass the examination and only then sign a contract for the removal of the tooth under General anesthesia.
There are more modern methods of local anesthesia. You will not feel pain even from the prick of a syringe. The injection site is treated first with a special gel anesthetic, and then in the gum is injected with a syringe analgesic substance that acts is many times more effective than lidocaine. However, in order to experience this method of pain relief, you need to pay for the services of a specialist at a private dental clinic.