Why remove the roots of the tooth?

A question about the installation of the implant or the restoration of a tooth is usually solved in the case when the roots of a healthy tooth – in such cases, the doctor zaplanirovanay channels, restores the crown with the help of a pin or together with the patient to evaluate the possibility of prosthetics.

If the tooth crown completely destroyed by caries and the restoration of its impossible roots often have to remove – otherwise they become a hotbed of chronic infection, leading to infection of surrounding tissues, while running process – the adjacent teeth and the jaw area. In addition, the root may develop a cyst is not only extremely painful, but also difficult to treat. The occurrence of cyst is fraught with very unpleasant consequences - for example, a gap with the formation of cellulitis or osteomyelitis.
It is often necessary to remove even healthy roots, if the result of an injury, the crown of the tooth is completely broken off – for example, if the breakaway comes partly under the gums or the chances of getting infection in the channels.

Remaining in the gum after removal of the roots of the tooth can cause the patient considerable discomfort, continuing to rot, root infecting the bone tissue. In rare cases, the roots do not cause any sensations and are only detected on a radiograph, but most patients feel that the root is not completely removed. Usually, a surgeon-dentist after tooth removal immediately checks if there are any in the gums, root fragments, and optionally carries out an operation to remove them.

How to remove roots?

Removal of roots of tooth is performed under local anesthesia (if indicated possible General anesthesia). This is a less painful operation than is generally assumed, though quite complicated.

Usually removal of roots of teeth is made with special forceps, the shape of which depends on the location of the affected tooth and its structure. Also important is the role of the state as actually to be removed, roots and surrounding tissues.

If the rest of root is not possible to pull out with the forceps, it can remove an Elevator is a special tool that is inserted between the wall of the hole and the root. Connected roots is sometimes necessary to divide with the help of a drill and remove one at a time.
Possible complications after removal of tooth roots, inflammation of the socket (alveolitis), bleeding, swelling. To avoid them, your doctor may prescribe after removal of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Patients are often scared of the future procedure, but experienced surgeons do the operation without difficulty. Difficulties often arise when removing the roots of the wisdom teeth because of the peculiarities of their location, but for a qualified expert and this is not an issue.