Some young people very early begin to strive to earn their own money. For this there are different reasons: someone wants a new bike or rollers, and salaries of the parents is not enough for such a purchase; the other just wants to have cash money to not ask parents for their expenses. The desire to work should approve it, another thing is that many parents regret their child, because he would have to work all my life.
On a regular basis after school, the teenager can be, for example, a courier or an assistant postman. But in order to deliver mail, you need to know the city or at least district. Pass the journals and letters that can be parallelized to advertise.
Another type of steady income is to work in garages and car washes. Although in summer a lot more work, you can still arrange to work throughout the year. Learning and having proved itself over time, you can get a pretty decent amount of money.
Teen 12 years old can earn money walking dogs. In Metropolitan areas all more common services such as a walk a day with two or three dogs can make good money.
Choosing the option of a permanent job, it is better to focus on what it will be like to the selected area could be useful in the future. The longer the teenager will work, the better the attitude of the employer towards him would be. Any owner of a small or large business risks, taking on work actually child, so from the first day you need to show responsibility and readiness to work steadily.
If a teenager wants to earn some money during the summer holidays, here too, there are many options of where to apply themselves. Summer is the gardens and orchards, where there is never enough of work: digging, weeding, harvest, watch out for animals – all teenager 12 years in power.
Another option is amusement parks, you can help in their improvement, you can sell cotton candy or lemonade, to serve the theme. Some teenagers at the age of 12 can already help in the construction or repairs, starting with simple skills and gaining experience.
Parents of Teens who decided to try to work himself, we can only recommend to support the child and help to decide. The sooner teenagers start to earn money, the more responsible and careful attitude to the money they develop, will no doubt come in handy in life.