In the video

The easiest way to earn money for teenager is to shoot a video, upload it to the Internet and receive income depending on how many users went to your link and look at your work. In order to video was popular, it must be high quality and interesting. That is, few people are interested in the cat. Crossing the road, and even filmed a 0.3 Megapixel camera mobile phone.

So this way of making money will require some investment will need funds to buy good equipment. In addition, you will have to show imagination or the flair of a journalist, to take really interesting videos. And your video to interested users to come up with his original title.

There are lots of services that have the opportunity to earn money on the videos. The most common is YouTube.


To work with a computer is able to practically every teenager, and especially one who has decided to earn on the Internet. So what to make money socializing on the forums or posting any of them.

The principle of earning here is simple: the employer asks you to write a unique message with a volume of about 100 characters without spaces and post it in response to a particular message.

In some cases, the employer may show what information to copy and where to paste. It's a simple copy-paste, which can do not only to 13-year-old adolescents but also younger children.

The big question

On the website "Big question" teenagers also can earn money. The principle of this earnings is very simple. A registered user asks a question or responds to questions from other users. For every 1,000 hits on this site are awarded credits which can be exchanged for electronic money.

The more interesting question, the more views, the more clicks, the more earnings. The only condition is that questions and answers should be unique and not copied from other resources.

Rewrite and copyright

Clever teenagers who have good knowledge of the Russian language, can earn money with the help of rewriting. The essence of this method is that you need to reprint the proposed material, keeping the meaning but using other words.

Copyright is also writing articles. Only in this case will have not to rewrite someone else's work, and to write their own essay. Copyright is more complicated rewriting, but paid much better.

There are numerous exchanges of rewriting, where you can find many tasks, both simple and complex, cheap and expensive.