You will need
  • In any case, the main thing is desire.
A very common method of earnings - earnings in the Internet. There is the possibility of writing articles, creating websites, logos, advertising slogans and more. In General that will appeal to those involved. So understand yourself, think what you like, what attracts most from it and proceed with the choice of sphere of activity.
However, there is a caveat: first you have to work a lot and, perhaps, for a very reasonable fee. In order to "make a name" in any field, you will need to work quite a long time, until you find a permanent customer willing to pay for your work for justice.
By the way, online part time choose not only the students, now adults, because of advantages she has a lot. For example, the work of the house is very comfortable, also you will be able to control the workload and the time of its execution.
However, all the above methods belong to the intellectual activities. Some don't want to go way, therefore, earn different. A simple option is to work on the websites offering earn money per click. It has one big disadvantage, namely it takes the student too much time(by the way, appreciate this work pretty cheap), so this way of earning is not too preferred.
And finally, the most familiar work without investment - work in the real world, whether it be posting ads, trade, cleaning, delivery of goods, or something else.
The only negative to take away that much time and control the volume impossible. So if you don't want to damage the good standing, choose another way to get additional funds.