In the summer there is a lot of new jobs associated with the restaurant business. Because it offers a number of outdoor cafes, if you wish, it is easy to find a job as a waiter or cashier. Also needs helpers in the kitchen. The salary of a waiter is small, but has a chance to earn through tips. You can also for the summer to get the seller of ice cream, soft drinks, etc.

For those who like to work outdoors, it makes sense to look for work on improvement of the city. In the summer often hire a lot of people for painting fences, gardening, construction sites, etc. Another option is to contact organizations that deal with agriculture and to go to work in the fields.

Partly work outdoors and deal promoters. By the way, companies often hire young people without work experience for advertising of certain goods and services. You can hand out flyers, dressing up in special costumes, participate or even hold the shares, during which it is necessary to tell potential buyers about the goods or services of the organization. A particular advantage of this work is flexible hours of employment and hourly pay.

Sociable people can approach job guide. In some cities you can find job involving organizing excursions for tourists. Of course, if we are talking about citizens of other States, the first candidate would have to prove that he is fluent in a foreign language. But in any case, such work can be not only interesting, but also highly paid.

Some employers in the time of vacations prefer to hire temporary employees. If you want you can get an assistant, messenger or Secretary. But, of course, to indicate their desire to work in an organization in advance that your candidacy was considered. By the way, it increases the chances in the future to find a job on a permanent basis. Another option is to try to get a summer internship or an internship in a promising company with the potential of further employment. To get such work may be difficult, but try still stands.