The first thing the student can apply to the employment center. It is in every area of the city. There will be offered a choice of jobs. You just have to decide what you like best. If you chose to work, collect the necessary documents, bring them to the employer, and if your candidature suits you, you will become a full-time dedicated person, despite his age.
Next, the student can contact his district, there are Governor's groups for young people. There the student works half the day, eats for free and at the end of the week receives his salary. These units mainly have to work in the fresh air, ennobling the territory of the city. This is a very convenient option for young people who don't much want to work but to get money.
Some jobs you can look for yourself without assistance from any governments. You can, for example, go to the post office and ask if they need a postman. The work is good, and obtained enough money to purchase necessities. One of the most popular works now is promotion. As a rule, it is to distribute street flyers. Special efforts are made unnecessary, and the fee for such work usually daily. But there is a downside. Will have to work in any weather.