You can re-pregnancy after caesarean section? Doctors answer this question in the affirmative. After cesarean section it is not excluded the possibility of natural physiological birth, if women are not absolute contraindications (e.g., clinically narrow pelvis). Planning pregnancy after cesarean section requires compliance with certain rules that will help avoid complications in the future.
The most important rule to keep in mind when planning pregnancy is the observance of the time period. If after an ordinary re-birth pregnancy without harm to health to plan for 6-12 months, then after a caesarean you should wait 2 or 3 years. If a new pregnancy sooner than 1-2 years after surgery, there is a risk of divergence of the seam on the uterus. In medical practice, there are of pregnancy with favorable outcome, occurred less than a year after a caesarean section, but doctors do not recommend expectant mothers to risk. If the uterine scar is not well formed, early pregnancy, threatened miscarriage and serious complications, until the removal of the uterus.
Planning pregnancy after surgery, it is imperative to visit a doctor and have an ultrasound examination. Using ultrasound the doctor will determine the thickness of the scar and making it worth. If during the examination there were no contraindications, a couple may plan conception.
Pregnancy in women undergoing caesarean section does not differ from the other moms. Doctor-prenatology in the process of pregnancy increased emphasis on uterine scar, studying it with the help of ultrasound and visual studies. In the third trimester the woman should undergo a full examination, the results of which the doctor makes a conclusion about the feasibility and safety of natural childbirth. If contraindications for a natural delivery there, and the scar is in excellent condition, a woman can give birth yourself. If the indications for cesarean section continues, it will have a second surgery.
Thanks to modern technology, a woman can safely pass through cesarean section 2 or more times. Danger to scar repeat cesarean section carries. In Russia, doctors do not recommend to do more than three transactions in a row, but foreign physicians believe that a woman can give birth to five children by operation.