While there are often questions about how to add a new user to icq. Usually done all in the software. However, you must be a registered a private room, so you can add other users. Unable to register on the website Go with a web browser. Click on the "Register"button.
Enter some information about yourself, as well as a valid postal address. On it you will be sent a special message with confirmation of registration. Next, download on personal computer software ICQ 7. Install to the hard disk of the computer. On the desktop the shortcut appears, which allows you to run the program. Click the left mouse button two times.
Enter the number and password from him. With this you can put a check mark next to "Save password for automatic login". Once the system is authenticated, you will see a small window. When there is contact, this window displays all users currently in the network. To add a new user, click "Menu". Next click the tab "Add contact".
You will see a window where you need to specify ICQ number and mailbox. With this you can use a more convenient search. To do this, click "Advanced search". Can add parameters such as "Gender", "Age", and more. Once a given contact is found, click "Add". Next, select the group in which it is placed. Other users are added the same way. You can divide them into different groups to make it easier to communicate.