Uterus comes in zaberemennet the state for 4-8 weeks after birth. Theoretically, the pregnancy may occur earlier if the ovaries are involved in the work and ovulation occurs. While menstruation may be absent. Is where the same age: brings the myth of a 100% sterility in the period of breastfeeding. Many women keep unwanted pregnancies and the midwives support them in this.

When you can give birth to a second child

Second birth in a row for a young, physically healthy woman is absolutely not dangerous. It requires higher doses of vitamins, more attention from family members and support care first. There is even the ability to maintain lactation. If the pregnancy in the first six months after a caesarean, it all depends on the condition of the joint. Dangerous interruption, and childbirth. If a woman decides to continue the pregnancy, then a large part of it will be in the hospital, in the event of the threat of divergence of the uterine sutures could urgently operate.

The optimal time for the next birth after caesarean 2-3 years. It is not necessary to take undue risks in his desire to have pogodak, as in the case of a threatening situation, the doctors will save the mother and not the child. In addition, in such a serious situation often raises the question of the removal of the uterus.

How many times can you get pregnant after cesarean section

Previously, when doing a longitudinal seam on the uterus, the woman is not recommended to get pregnant again, and it often happens that the first birth by cesarean puts an end to future motherhood. Today a cesarean section is a more gentle method: a transverse seam, and a woman can get pregnant after 1.5-2 years. In the absence of indications for surgical childbirth the woman recommend natural childbirth. If the next birth after the operative was a natural, obstetricians remove the restriction in the future, you can get pregnant even after 4 months. Today is not uncommon when a woman gives birth to four or more children by caesarean section. It is important to restore their health and to plan pregnancy, take precautions in the rest period.

How quickly the body recovers after childbirth

Healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancy and normal childbirth the body is restored after 1.5-2 years. Full recovery may take up to 3 years. Note that after each subsequent birth, the recovery period is lengthened. To accelerate the restoration can be actively playing a sport, taking vitamins and correctly organizing the mode of work and rest. If a woman sees its mission in childbearing, she has no need to do household chores, has invited my assistant and enough resources for a quick recovery, then plan the next child is possible in 8-12 months.

Mnogochadie should be scheduled

When children in the family more than four, more applicable definition of megacode, as three of the child is often unconscious choice, and 4 and more - the choice is conscious and not always welcome others. If you plan to have it often, is to find a midwife who will be with you every step of the pregnancy, knowing the peculiarities of each of them. Frequent childbirth is stressful for the body, childbirth does not rejuvenate the woman, but because the full support of an obstetrician is necessary. This is important because short intervals between pregnancies are fraught with endocrine disorders and diseases of the internal organs.

How often you can give birth women with abnormalities

If a woman has endocrine disease, severe malformations and diseases in the decompensation stage of the bear she is almost always contraindicated. So, pregnancy in diabetes second degree seriously degrades the status of women, the child is often born mentally handicapped. Women from this group are not encouraged to give birth more than one child. The pregnancy should be planned, clearly following the advice of a doctor. Usually immediately after birth, the woman recommended the sterilization, to eliminate the possibility of repeated pregnancy.

Without special harm for health, a woman can give birth to 2-4 children, observing the intervals between pregnancies for about 3 years. If you are planning more children and want each of them was born alive, full term and healthy, should be resorted to more intensive methods of healing between pregnancies.