Most often, sterilization is done by women who have given birth to a certain, sufficient in their opinion the number of children wishing to end the issues of protection once and for all. The point of this procedure is disruption of the integrity of the fallopian tubes by ligation, like special clips or burning them with electric current. The egg thus loses the opportunity to meet with sperm and the uterus, that is, fertilization does not occur, pregnancy does not occur. However, all is not so simple. The Pearl index of 0.1 suggests that even though the most minimal, but the risk of pregnancy in women remains. This can happen for various reasons.
Not all doctors mention that sterilization produced during caesarean section is not always gives 100% guarantee result. Of course, it is very convenient to combine the two medical procedures and wrap the pipe, if the abdomen is still open. However, we must not forget about the abilities of the human body, sometimes bordering on a miracle, especially if we are talking about fertility. After birth, a large part of the strength of the female body is directed to the restoration of the former zaberemenila state. The process can be enabled and traumatisierungen pipe. The chances that they will recover enough to pass through itself the egg, miserable, and with them virtually no considered, but the smaller and more nimble, the sperm may be able to penetrate and fertilize the recluse. Pregnancy, but not normal, and pipe. Therefore, it is important to track your cycle for at least the first couple of years after the intervention in order not to miss a possible ectopic pregnancy.
Though sterilization and is considered to be irreversible, doctors sometimes treat women who have gone through it and willing, however, having another baby. To help them can come back sterilization procedure refertilization when doctors are trying to quickly restore the patency of the fallopian tubes. But the probability of a positive result from such an operation is so small that it's more productive to look in the direction of in vitro fertilization. ECO-friendly pregnancy in General, and General is practically no different from normal and will help a woman give birth to a much desired baby.