Divorce registry office can be carried out in the absence of the couple has minor children with mutual consent of both spouses. You can breed to the Registrar in the case of recognition of the spouse of the missing, the dead, convicted for a period of more than three years or incompetent.

To register divorce, you will need:
- identity documents (original and copy of passport);
- petition for dissolution of marriage signed by both spouses, if the decision is mutual;
- the court's decision on the recognition of the other spouse is missing, incapacitated or deceased;
- a copy of the sentence, if the spouse is convicted;
- original marriage certificate;
receipt about payment of state duty.
If the divorce initiates only one of the spouses, there are disagreements on division of property or children, the divorce process through the court. Order the court held, the office must submit the following documents:
- statement on divorce and its copy;
- copies of identity documents;
- original marriage certificate;
- copies of documents of minor children;
help from the housing at the place of residence of the spouses;
- documents that confirm the circumstances that led to divorce (med. help beating, evidence of treason);
- statement confirming the consent of a wife for divorce if she is pregnant or the child is under one year.
receipt about payment of fees.
If the divorce is complicated by property disputes or differences relating to accommodation and maintenance of the minor, the court will need to provide some other documents. Namely:
characteristics and income certificate from the employer of both spouses;
- certificate from an independent appraiser about the value of joint property;
- documents proving the ownership of the property that is subject to division.

The receipt or recovery of lost documents should be done before the start of the divorce process.