You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the divorce certificate;
  • - birth certificate of children.
According to Russian legislation, former spouses after divorce have the right to carry a common family name, and to return those that they had before marriage without the consent of each other. Any terms that restrict the ability to change the name, are not provided - you can change it at any time, even after ten years after divorce.
The procedure of name change is simple. If you have decided to return maiden name before the divorce, please indicate this in the statement on divorce. The certificate of divorcethat you will give in the registry office, will be designated by your maiden name. A further statement about the change of name is not required.
If you decide to change your last name after the marriage was terminated, the procedure will be different. Please contact the Registrar at the place of residence with the statement for change of name. There you can see a sample application and list of required documents. You will need a passport, certificate of dissolution of marriage and birth certificates of children. For consideration of your application will take a month. In rare cases, the consideration may be delayed, but not more than two months. After this period, you will receive an official document – certificate of name change. All other documents which involve your marriage last, also have to be corrected. Therefore, you will be issued a new certificate of divorce and birth certificates of children.
The next item is the passport to your new name. Don't miss the deadline – you must apply to the passport office not later than one month after receipt of the certificate of name change.

To obtain a new passport will need to bring a receipt for payment of the state fee, certificate of change of name, certificate of dissolution of marriage, your old passport and two photographs (size 35x45 mm). Complete the relevant application form, attach necessary documents and sign the statement signed by the employee of the Bank table. A new passport will be ready within 2 weeks.