Birth control pills is a revolutionary method of contraception that eased the lives of millions of women around the world. Just need daily in the same time to take the pill and if not to forget to do this, the efficiency is extremely high. There are many types of oral contraceptives, but to choose, it is necessary to consult a doctor, as these drugs have serious contraindications. Also remember that pills will not protect you from infections, and oral contraceptives are ideal only for those who have a permanent partner you can trust.
The condom is the most universal and effective method of protection, which also helps protect against genital infections. It is very important to wear a condom, it depends on how it will effectively protect you. There are not only male but also female condoms. Despite some strange and some inconvenience to use, are people that are using them.
Other types of hormonal drugs, such as ring, injections (there is even a birth control patch!) work the same way as pills, but their advantage is that a girl doesn't need to think about how did she make the right amount of "medicine." The disadvantages of long-term methods include the fact that if the drug causes side effects, will have to wait until it will end. Injection, for example, are valid for three months.
The intrauterine device is a special subject, quite a bit similar to the spiral, which is inserted by a doctor into the uterus. Feature of spiral is that it can cause some changes in the uterus, sometimes even contribute to the development of inflammation or infertility (this happens very rarely). In the vast majority of cases soon after the removal of the spiral the woman can conceive again.
Sterilization – though not common, but certainly a very effective method of contraception. It is suitable only to those people who are absolutely sure that you do not want to have children. In men, the operation is quite simple, women are much more complicated.
There are other methods of contraception, with quite low efficiency, so-called deprecated methods. For example, coitus interruptus and calendar counting. Coitus interruptus, is the removal of the penis before ejaculation occurs. The calendar method is in determining the time of ovulation and calculating the number of days when the woman can conceive. Sex partners are in a "safe" time. Remember that deprecated methods is not really working methods of contraception. According to statistics, more than half of the couples that use them, and conceive a child within a year.