Coitus interruptus as a method of contraception: is it worth the risk?

The meaning of the interrupted sexual intercourse is that the man removes a member from the vagina of the partner until ejaculation. Despite the simplicity and accessibility of this method of contraception, it may not be effective at 100 %, since even one drop of seed, inadvertently falling from the penis on the female external sex organs, already enough to prompt the sperm was in the vagina. In addition, after the end of such an act to begin a new intercourse is undesirable, as the head of the penis may remain a small amount of sperm.

Considering the interruption of sexual intercourse as a method of contraception, the researchers came to the conclusion that the probability of pregnancy when using it is about 30 %, while the disliked male condoms protect against unwanted conception by about 85 %. Even if the penis was removed from the vagina in a timely manner, neither man nor woman can know whether the sperm in preseminal liquid. By the way, to control yourself in such a crucial moment in power not to each man. Therefore, choosing a interrupted intercourse as a method of contraception, you should think about what to do with a possible pregnancy.

Does coitus interruptus on health?

Besides the fact that coitus interruptus does not provide protection against pregnancy, it can harm the health of both parties actions. The fact that random connections this method is absolutely not suitable, because the contact with the carrier of the infection can lead to infection of the healthy partner. From this it should be concluded that the use of such method of protection from pregnancy can only partners who fully trust each other.

If we consider the harm to the interruption of intercourse specifically for men's health, it is worth noting that at the time of extraction of the member from the vagina before ejaculation changes occur in the functioning of the prostate gland, which expressed its incomplete reduction. So if coitus interruptus pair practiced quite often, it is possible that over time, men will develop prostatitis. Other undesirable consequences for mens health can become premature ejaculation and impotence.

As for women, in addition to increasing the risk of getting pregnant they have a greatly increased chance to get various diseases of the sexual sphere, stagnation of blood and constant pain in the abdomen. And all this because of interrupted intercourse, which is not able to provide a woman an orgasm, but it can lead to frigidity.