There are many different methods of contraception. This problem is dealt with by scientists trying to solve ordinary people, using the advice of friends. Especially concerned about this issue, those who do not like or cannot for medical reasons to use condoms.

For them, the most reliable way of protection becomes the calculation of the menstrual cycle to determine the days, the most safe for conception.
Every month in the female body ovulation occurs. So called the yield of Mature eggs in the peritoneal cavity. There it awaits fertilization by sperm.

Maximum risky are the days when the egg leaves the ovary, ready for fertilization. This period falls in the middle of the menstrual cycle, however, the risk of pregnancy high a couple of days before ovulation and the same period of time thereafter.

Women's prejudices

Tenacious among the female population was a method of protection from pregnancy as douching slightly acidified water. There are ladies who printouts just warm water at the completion of intercourse, however, this method has the desired effect much smaller.

That is the only birth control you need to take a shower first, after which the douche weakly acidified water. It is important not to perechislit it, otherwise you can cause irritation of the penis.
However, this method is very inefficient. Acid slows you down and kills some sperm, however, does not warrant their destruction.

There are even more ridiculous technique. Meet girls who believe that if you do urinate immediately after sex, then pregnancy will not occur. Such a recommendation exist in reality, but it is addressed to prevent infectious diseases and the effect of bringing more men having the special structure of the channel for the passage of urine.

Reliable protection

In short, to rely on luck, asking to hear friends unconventional ways supposedly protect you from getting pregnant, not worth it. For women's health is much more safe to use a tool such as a tablet, the use of which is officially recommended medicine.

She has such minor side effects as they are not even close to compare with the possible implications of the use of traditional methods, supposedly protecting from pregnancy.