Of course, to abandon intimate life is not necessary, because there are many ways on how to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The simplest is protection with condom. They are a great many, there is even a super-thin, perfumed and glowing. The use of condoms will also be able to refresh and give a spicy touch to the relationship.
Of barrier means of contraception, you can call the caps that are attached to the walls of the vagina and prevent the penetration of sperm into the uterus. The size of the cap is best to choose with the help of the doctor, which more accurately acquainted with the female anatomy. The specialist will also provide practical tips on proper installation of means of protection. A woman must remember that only a condom and a cap can protect her from sexually transmitted diseases.
If the girl has only one permanent partner, it is best to think about using oral contraceptives. Do not be afraid of them, because contraceptives are not only safe, but also has a cosmetic effect: normalizes the sebaceous glands of the scalp and face.
For those who forgets about the pills, invented a special ring. It is soft and flexible object, which is placed in the vagina, and there, in certain doses produces hormones. Through the walls of the vagina hormonal substances penetrate the bloodstream, and then affects the ovaries, preventing ovulation.
But if the girl happened unprotected sex (while she was on the pill), then the risk of getting pregnant. So in pharmacies there are tools that are intended for emergency contraception. An example is the drug "Postinor". Its efficiency is 85%, but it is a way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Girl needs to take Postinor in the first 72 hours after unprotected intercourse. The package of 2 tablets, which are taken at intervals of 12 hours. Then the girl on schedule or with a slight delay will occur menstruation.
Postinor is a shock dose of hormones that prevent pregnancy. It is worth remembering that this method of emergency contraception, which can not be used. After taking this drug before the appearance of menstrual bleeding during sexual intercourse you must use condoms.