You will need
  • - emergency contraceptives.
Emergency contraception is a way to avoid pregnancy after held intercourse. It is a medical drug that is sold in the pharmacy. As the main active means it is usually hormone levonorgestrel. It contributes to the suppression of the release of an egg from the ovary, and if the yield and fertilization has occurred, it prevents the egg from attaching to the inner lining of the uterus (a process called implantation).
The content of hormones in emergency contraceptives is very high and is not very healthy medicines. However, the harm from them is much less than that of abortion, so many women prefer this method. The issue of emergency contraception that they need to take as early as possible. Often women do not think about this possibility, not even remembering about the existence of such funds.
The drug takes effect almost immediately after ingestion. Once this happens, the egg or out of the ovary, or attached to the wall of the uterus, so pregnancy does not occur.
It is very important to use emergency contraception. You must do this within 72 hours after unprotected contact occurred. The sooner this is done, the higher the efficiency of the drug. According to studies, the activity of the hormone levonorgestrel on the first day is from 85% to 95%, and the second day was about 60% in the third – about 48%.
Before use, consult a doctor. Emergency contraceptives will keep "lethal" dose of hormones, which can destabilize fragile menstrual cycle in the female body. After taking the advisable to check whether not come unwanted effects or hormonal disruptions in the body.
You cannot use emergency contraception frequently. It is better to avoid such measures, take precautions in a safe way. The advantages of these funds is the fact that they are quite effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies, while the risk of side effects is quite low, although it exists. The fact that emergency contraception does not help to protect against diseases related to its shortcomings.