Calendar method. It can be applied only to those women whose menstruation has been established and comes regularly. Only then can we calculate the safe days. All healthy women, the cycle lasts for 28 days. Then ovulation occurs on day 14, two days before menstruation and two days after it best not to engage in unprotected sexual contact.

Temperature method. Is a daily measurement of basal body temperature. As soon as the temperature rises, then came the ovulation, and unprotected sex can be dangerous.

Cervical method. It is to the study of fluid in the cervical canal. Before the onset of ovulation, the mucus becomes more elastic. It can stretch between your fingers 10 cm.

Coitus interruptus. In this method, the man should pull his penis from the vagina of the female until ejaculation. This prevents the entry of sperm into the vagina.

Aperture. It has the form of a dome. The aperture you need to enter the vagina before sex so that it covers the cervix. The diaphragm should be sure to wash with soap and water after each intercourse.

The cervical cap. He, as well as the diaphragm, closes the entrance to the uterus, not allowing the sperm to get inside.

A condom. Condoms not only for men but also for women. The female condom has the shape of a tube which is made of latex or silicone. It needs to be inserted into the vagina before sexual intercourse.

Condom for men. How to use it, they know almost everything. Condoms are made of thin latex, allowing you to achieve a natural feeling. This method is the most popular.

Spermicides. It's the drugs that destroy the sperm within seconds.

Oral contraceptive. These drugs are the most common. They are easy to take, inexpensive. But there are a large number of side effects and contraindications. Still, it's a hormonal drug. Assign it can only be a doctor after taking the required tests.

Injection of hormones. These drugs are injected once intramuscularly. They are three months.

Hormonal ring. Contain hormones. Introduces into the vagina the doctor in the beginning of the cycle and pulling it out in the end.

IUDs. Selects and enters a spiral doctor. The woman will not be able to install it. Valid for a long time.