The method interrupted sexual intercourse or PAP, or coitus interruptus involves removing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. Ejaculation occurs on the body, pre-prepared sheets or intercourse continues through Masturbation, vestibular coitus, oral sex, intercourse between the Breasts. For many years, formed the opinion that if the sperm did not get into the vagina - risk of getting pregnant, no. If a woman gets pregnant, there are often accusations of treason.
According to statistical data annually become pregnant from 4 to 18% of women who chose PAP as a method of contraception. Statistics are not reflected the original data on the reproductive health of couples and their compatibility, because the actual percentage of pregnancies can reach 30-35%. Often the pair successfully practiced PPA, comes on reception to the doctor, because you can't get pregnant. That is one of the partners initially had the problem and conceiving was difficult in principle, but all this time the partners were confident in high performance PPA.
To control the process of ejaculation is extremely difficult, this is a serious psychological burden, but because some pregnancies comes naturally. The man was unable to hold back or ejaculation occurred earlier than he had planned. Sperm got into the vagina - the woman became pregnant. In this case, it is possible to resort to emergency hormonal contraception or an urgent order to install the intrauterine device - the risk is greatly reduced.
Often occurs otherwise, already in the process of sexual intercourse in men stands out the secret that may contain spermatozoa. What it is - a protective mechanism, allowing you to offspring, even when incomplete sexual intercourse or physiology of men is still not completely clear. But this sperm count enough healthy, willing to have more children the woman became pregnant. Especially high risk in ovulation.
Sexologists recommend not to practice coitus interruptus on a regular basis. This can cause psychological problems up to impotence, reduced orgasmic sensations. If intercourse continues, but in other ways, this development does not harm the body, but does not protect against pregnancy.
Such sexual behavior is acceptable for couples who do not mind having children, and they have no serious evidence to the mandatory planning for the child. In all other cases, contraception should be sufficient and more efficient. In addition, the PPA method does not protect against sexually transmitted infections.