Cloak of thick fabric

Decide, with armrests or without them will be sitting inside the cloak. Without them to do it a bit easier, but then armrests would get dirty. These parts of the sofa are the most susceptible to contamination. Easier to wash the Cape, than to arrange the General cleaning of the sofa.

To stitch a simple cover, measure the length of the sofa. Then, determine how wide will the blanket. Lay the beginning of the tape measure to the back of the subject of upholstered furniture 50 cm. Immerse the meter to the seat, flick through it, point to the floor. Look at the end of the level, which shows the desired length.

Transfer these two numbers to the fabric. Take a wide, enough one blade and do not need to connect the two cuts. Hem the edges on all sides. The cloak on the couch ready.

Armrests, frill

If you want to make a Cape and arm rests, measure their length and width. Cut 2 of the rectangle according to the obtained layouts, also hem the edges. Put the cover on the sofa, and from the sides of the parts that will cover the armrests. How their pins with case. Prostrochite connections.

You can make armrests surround. To do this, to the length, add 7, see once you have done all the above steps, take a thick needle with strong thread, folded in half. Will structure the front edge of the armrest, make a few stitches to reinforce the effect. The product is ready. You will make it even more beautiful, if you sew to the bottom of the frill. Cut a strip of the desired length, which is 1.5-2 times the length of the sofa. Will structure it on thread with a needle or put the folds, sew to the lower edge of the sofa cover. You can sew the Ruche around the perimeter of the sofa, she covered her bottom from behind, laterally and ahead.

Quilted Cape

Volume, light, festive case you will sew from silk, nonwoven fabric with adhesive and lining fabric. Make some of them the same details as in the previous example. The armrests do not need.

Carefully iron the silk with interlining to latest stuck and not move out. On the reverse side apply and attach with pins backing cloth. Instead of fleece you can use sintepon, then the blanket will get bigger. Quilted on the front side of the case. For this small over a large range of razlikuje surface on flat squares or diamonds and make lines on the tracings.

To hem the edges of the capes, cut strips of the main fabric on equity 2 cm wide. you Can use the braid. Attach the wrong side of the tape to the underside of the curtain, stitch together, making the seam width 6 mm. otutyuzhte it, remove the tape on the face. Tuck it in and sew to the front side of the cushion. Lay your creation on a sofa and listen to the praise and approval of home. From the remnants of fabric you can sew pillowcases on the little decorative pillows and put them on the couch.