You will need
  • Upholstery fabric is of two types;
  • - Sewing machine;
  • - Gasket.
For a start get a wrench on all the joints and tighten the bolts. At the same time see if not cracked the wooden frame of the sofa, well, if everything is in order, but if you notice a crack, it is better to invite the master of the restoration workshop.
Let's see how things are going with the gasket of the sofa, isn't it time to change it. In this case, do not select a foam - after a couple years he again begins to crumble, and history will repeat itself! It is better to buy latex or polyurethane foam - they are great to keep elasticity for many years and do not cause allergies.
If you change the gasket, check the springs of the sofa, and replace worn out. Let's see how well the batting protects the gasket from damage by springs to correct the situation if required.
Gently spread the stuffing, so she went without dents and bumps, but in this case you can return the sofa elasticity and get rid of failed towns.
The appearance of sofa, you quickly upgrade with dressy capes, which is very simple and quick to make at home. Pick two fabrics that they harmonize with each other. You can often find fabrics-companions - one fabric without a pattern solid with a rich texture, and the second has the elements in the pattern of the same color as the first fabric.
Measure your sofa, given that Cape will be free to fall to the floor and repeat all the details back and armrests.
Rectangle from one fabric, cut according to your size, fold from all sides and prostrochite. It turned out a large blanket that you cover the sofa, as in the previous figure.
Sew the top piece of fabric with a pattern - length from the bottom front of the sofa to the bottom rear of the backrest, with a width equal to the width of the sofa. On the sides mark where you sew the side of the capes, so they covered the armrests of the sofa and hung limply to the floor.
Sew the edges in the marked spot and cover the lower Cape upper. Directly on site or in advance noting the places tab beautiful ties, to hold the upper cushion in place. Ties can be made from the first or second fabric, you can use matching colored ribbon or decorative twisted cords with tassels.
Sew from the cloth a pair of decorative pillows, sew them tassels in the corners. Put the pillows on the Cape, you quickly updated your couch!