You will need
  • Sofa
  • Fabric
  • Sewing pins
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
Sewing slipcovers for sofa will help you to not only upgrade the appearance of your sofa, but also significantly save the family budget. Because a good sofa is not cheap, and covers you can make yourself. It's easy!
So, first, choose the fabric for our future covers. The fabric should be durable, preferably not hairy. Especially consider this aspect, if you have Pets. Otherwise, on top of the nappy covers you will have a layer of hair and fluff. The color of the fabric must be selected in accordance with the interior. Make your covers bright, overall if the room no bright spots and light-colored Wallpaper, and Vice versa. Better to do a plain sofa, if the walls bright or multi-colored.
Bought fabric for the cushion cover needs to be washed and dried so that when washing the covers do not unexpected happened tissue shrinkage.
Measure the fabric on the covers. This largely depends on the design of the sofa. The easiest way to do rectangular patterns, and then "adjust" them directly on the sofa. The seam in this case must be sufficiently large, 5-6 cm.
After cutting a rough template - lay out the fabric on the sofa face down, skalyvaniem special sewing pins and smetimes on the couch our future covers to smatyvay better contrasting thread to make it visible).
Then sew on the machine and again put the cover on the sofa. Correct, filed, cut away the excess fabric and, thus, for a few fittings bring a case to readiness.
Left to remove a running thread and cover on the sofa ready.