It is difficult to maintain nice upholstery intact, especially if the home has Pets or small children. So it is much easier to protect sofas and armchairs from the appearance of stubborn spots and marks of the cat's or dog's nails with elegant covers. But before you sew the cover on the sofa with your hands, you must carefully choose the fabric and calculate its square footage.

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How to choose the fabric for cushion cover

In order to make the work on making the couch cover, it is recommended to stay on fabrics of average density, not stretching and not satin. It should be remembered that with a very dense material household sewing machine can not cope, so it is preferable to choose a durable fabric, resistant to fading, to numerous washings and do not form puffs.

If you have enough experience in cutting and sewing overall of the product, for sewing slipcovers best suited fabric with a small pattern that does not require trimming and cutting in a certain direction, as the material in stripes or checks.

The calculation of square footage of fabric

Before you sew the cover on the sofa, determine the number of required tissue. To do this, carefully measure all items, regardless of their shape. Even if the sofa has a rounded handle and smooth contours, every detail present in the form of a rectangle, ignoring the bends.

For oversized furniture allowed cutting out single parts for seat and backrest; cutting fabric for long and wide sofas requires the creation of individual parts, and combine later the seam. At raskroe it is necessary to consider allowances for joints: every detail requires adding additional 6-7 see

After purchasing the fabric washed, dried and ironed using a hot steam – this will avoid shrinkage of the finished product during subsequent washings.

Sewing couch covers

The fabric is placed on a flat surface, cut out the required number of rectangular parts, then using dressmaker pins her fix on the couch wrong side out. All rectangles are interconnected by a running stitch, repeating the curves of the furniture.

After careful adjustment of the future case for the shape and the dimensions of the sofa, all the details are stitched together on the sewing machine, retreating from a running line at 1.5 cm Excess fabric is neatly cut, the edges of the seams treated with "zigzag" or using a serger.

The case turned on the front side, try on the sofa, with pins or a running stitch mark the places in need of correction. After the elimination of all shortcomings, the product once to try on, and then proceed to the edges. Using the same technology and sew a cover for a corner sofa.

If we used the combined detail of the back and seat, to the middle part of the case is not shifted from the place in the process of children's games, it is recommended at the junction of the two parts to sew strong tape that can be fixed knot at the back of the sofa, threading it between the back and armrests.

Ready case for sofa, made by hand, decorated with decorative elements made from remnants of fabric. If material, then it is possible to sew beautiful cushions, giving the interior a unified style.

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