You will need
  • Curtain fabric — 1 or 2 the length of the sofa, depending on the width
  • Fringe around the perimeter of the sofa
  • Sewing machine, needles, thread
  • Tailor's ruler and square
Measure the length of the sofaand the width of the unassembled. The length of the cushion should match the length of the sofa, and the width should be greater than 15-20 inches on each side. If the fabric is narrow, take 2 or even 3 of the rectangle equal to the length of the sofa. Cloth sew underwear seam. From the wide tissue take one cloth strictly according to the standards.
Around the perimeter make the hem about 2 cm and prostrochite and zautyuzhte. Baste to wrong side and pristrochite fringe. It can be either around the perimeter or only along the length. Fringe you can buy, but you can crochet. Depending on your preferences, select it in the matching fabric or some element of the picture, or contrasting.
A Cape can be issued differently, making the sides of the ruffles. For the ruffles you will need a strip of cloth, equal 1, 5-2 perimeter sofa. It can be made from separate pieces. Stitch strip sewn with a serger or by hand, lay the pleats. Pristrochite and baste the ruffle to the wrong side wraps. On the front side in the edge pristrochite tape matching fabric or contrasting.