You will need
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • - the range;
  • - scissors;
  • cloth;
  • - threads;
  • - a sewing machine.
Remove the measurements from the chair. To do this the measuring tape. Write down all the parameters.
Draw a scan of a chair (without legs). This will be the pattern for the capes. In the center of the figure must be a square seat. To the upper faces build out a rectangle of the backrest ( the backrest height when you do this, add approximately 15 cm), and on the sides twice the height of the handles of the chair. To the bottom of the square seat pririsuyte rectangle, if you want the cloak slightly covered the chair legs in front.
To all faces of the resulting polygon add 1.5-2 cm seam. Cut out the pattern and transfer it to the fabric.
Choose the fabric for cloaks, focusing on the overall style, which is decorated room, where there will be a chair. You can enter a subject into the interior, selecting the cushion material, the color of which is close to the shade of the walls and upholstery. You can also pick up a contrasting option to the chair was an accent in the interior. Note the density of the material (it should not break or deteriorate after a few months of operation) and tactile sensations from it.
Attach the pattern to the fabric with the help of English pins. Due to this, the template will not move during operation, and therefore the proportions of the parts are not distorted. Cut out.
Fold the material edge on all sides around the perimeter for 1.5-2 cm, which was retained as the allowance. Bending the material twice, sew it on the sewing machine zigzag stitch. Not to doubt the integrity of the lines, the bending can be pre-iron iron or tack by hand.
Choose a silk ribbon or lace matching the fabric capes in color. Throw the workpiece on a chair. Mark the places where should be placed the ties on the corners of the capes on the back that will be on the back side. In front of the back - in spots, which will be located opposite the newly marked. On the same principle, mark the locations for the ribbons on the outer and inner sides of the handles of the chair.
Sew ribbon to wrong side of the product. Tying them in pairs, you will secure the cloak on the chair.