Sew a chair cover is easy – start sewing from the measurements. Measure centimeter of the width of the back of the chair in front, then measure the width of the seat, the distance from the floor to the top edge of the seat, the distance from the front edge of the chair to the rear edge, and measure the width of the future insert in the case is the width of the rib of the back of the chair.
Apply to the chair any thin cloth and popliteus it is designed so the pattern will repeat all the bends and contours of the chair, unlike paper patterns. Equity the thread of the fabric, place the vertical backrest.
Tight fit an the front of the chair and cut the excess fabric, leaving a seam 2-3 see If the chair is a convex fragments, form pleats-tucks on the fabric and popliteus them with pins.
Determine the length of fabric hanging from the seat of the chair, given the width of the anterior and lateral sides of the seat. The seams of the "skirt" must be in the corners of the rear chair legs. Hanging part of the future of the case, connect the pins with the seat, and then take the same thin fabric end of the insertion, if the chair is quite thick and voluminous.
Measure the thickness of the back and add 2-3 cm for seams. Tauste cloth inserts from the bottom up. Pin the pins of the plug to the back of the chair and dangling a "skirt".
Now with the help of another fabric details make pattern back cover, throwing the fabric on the back of a chair. The back cover should begin at the upper edge of the back and end near the floor, at the level of "hem" of the hanging part.
Correct all the folds, trim the excess, and remove the pins. You got a fabric pattern for the case that you already tried to form a chair and thus escaped the various inaccuracies and defects cut.
Pin the pattern pieces to the fabric chosen for the cover of the chair, trace the chalk and cut. The items received sew together on the machine and if desired, decorate with braid, tassels and ruffles.