You will need
  • Fabric for seat covers, foam, Velcro, sewing supplies
Select a fabric for future cases. This can be velour or tapestry, or faux leather, plush, or faux fur
Remove the pattern from the seat. For this you need to get the paper or film, attach it to the seat and pin pins. Draw a pencil or marker in your pattern and cut it. Be sure to check the pattern to symmetry.
Put the pattern on the seat and again check the correctness of the resulting patterns.
Place the template on the fabric and trace it with chalk or a marker, be sure to make the seam. Even make extra pattern from foam rubber.
Stitch both patterns wrong side to wrong side, do not forget to leave a small hole so that through it we can insert the foam. But the headrest and armrest sew without the foam and just leave a small hole for a cord. Then pull them and sew.
Once the covers are ready, pull them out on the seat and carefully sew. Of course, you can use the clasp for ease of removing the covers. In this ideal case the Velcro is not only easy to use, but easily sewn. If you want you can make another set of covers to change the image of your car.