"Break the back" can be different. If only stretched muscles or ligaments, it is possible to cure the disease with medication and complete rest. In this case, it is better to lie down, to walk slowly, no sudden movements, sit less. Help warming massages. You can try to on the back like a small child. If the back "broke" really means will affect the spine.

In both cases the pain is neuralgic in nature, as is pinched nerves. The problem is that pain for a long time does not let go of a person if not treated the disease correctly. And healed "broken back" can apply appearance of intervertebral hernia, osteochondrosis and other troubles.

In a healthy person in the lumbar region the back is slightly arched forward, and the vertebrae gradually deep into the muscles. In this position, the back does not bother the person. In "breaking the back" vertebrae in the lumbar region protrude. Can even be observed sharp transitions in the spine, and the back becomes curved in the other direction. In no case should one try to "bend" the spine back. Besides pain and new problems such actions to anything good will not.

If you had an acute attack and you can't move, or walking denied his feet, immediately call an ambulance.

People usually treat torn back method of pain relief. But the cause of the pain does not disappear. This requires a whole set of measures. And need be treated only under the supervision of the doctor-vertebrologist (a specialist in diseases of the spine). Don't be a hero and do not self-medicate. The doctor to accurately describe the nature of the pain, what movements hurt more. This will help the doctor to establish an accurate diagnosis. You may need the x-rays.

In the case of a light stripped back will prescribe rest, painkillers and warming ointment. If the case is serious - as a rule, prescribe a drug "Milhama" shots "Diclofenac". For rubbing in the back ointment is used Menovazin. In addition to the of pain relief medication is usually administered manual therapy, physical therapy, acupressure, physical therapy, hirudotherapy and other methods.