According to statistics, back pain is experiencing approximately half of the adult population. Moreover, young residents this disease is much rarer and is mainly related to disease of the internal organs. In old age back pain complains of almost every person. Unfortunately, only 30% of patients people address with such problem to help the doctors. So over time back pain becomes chronic, which leads to a significant limitation in human performance. In most cases, severe pain in the back happens due to damage of joints, ligaments or discs of the spine due to excessive physical exertion. However, this kind of pain can occur as a result of diseases of internal organs.

Causes of severe pain in the back

There are non-specific soreness in the back associated with muscle strain resulting from awkward body position. Very often a prerequisite to the appearance of these pains is hypothermia. Basically, nonspecific back pain go away within a few months from the moment of occurrence. But in 10% of cases pain accompanies man throughout the year, which certainly affects his quality of life.
The emergence of severe back pain is cause for immediate referral to a specialist. It is not necessary to self-medicate, as this may aggravate the situation.

The occurrence of very strong pain syndrome in the spine may be due to the presence of serious diseases, such as arthritis, degenerative disc disease or herniated discs, which occur as a result of sprains or due to injury. Also, excruciating back pain can talk about the disease of internal organs and systems. Thus, the pain may radiate to the back area with the defeat of the heart, lungs, in connection with disease of the liver, kidney and pancreatic disease.

Treatment of severe pain in the spinal Department

Typically, to cure a person from such pains you must first cure the underlying disease that caused the appearance of pain in the back. Simple pain in the dorsal division, it is recommended to treat bed routine for several days. Next, it is advisable to the patient to gradually increase physical activity. Note that physical exercise contribute to the prevention of transition of acute pain into a chronic form.
You need to remember that the wearing of corsets and the fixing belt is only a temporary method for the treatment of back pain. Prolonged use of these means leads to chronic pain in the dorsal region.

In case of impossibility of contacting a specialist for any reason, you can temporarily wear of the fixing belt. Along with treatment of the underlying disease with a strong back pain use painkillers and anti-inflammatories in the form of ointments and gels.