Take I. p. standing, feet shoulder width apart. On inhale raise your arms up, stretch over the hands. On the exhale, bend down and try to get with palms facing the floor. When performing tilt back, keep straight, look straight ahead, hands pull forward, palms parallel to each other. If you are not able to get his hands floor, slightly bend your knees. Put your head down and relax. Make 2-3 of quiet inhalation and exhalation. Then round the back and "vertebrae by vertebrae" smoothly raspylitel up. Straighten your shoulders and repeat the exercise two more times.
I. p. – standing, hands on waist. On inhale raise your right arm up and lean to the left. Drag the hand upwards, feeling the stretch of the lateral muscles of the torso. Make 2-3 respiratory cycle. Return to I. p. and lean to the right, the left hand at the top. Just three times.
Sit on the floor. Feet together, back straight. On inhale raise your arms up and stretch over the hands. On the exhale bend forward trying to touch the forehead knees, and hands reach out to stop. Hold this position for 8 seconds then slowly straighten up. Repeat 2-4 times.
Lie on your back and bend your knees. Pull the thigh to the abdomen. Grasp the thigh with your hands and pull to itself. Feel the stretch in the lumbar region. Straighten your legs, raise your arms up and palms together. Lie down on the floor two minutes into the extracted position. The lower back pressing to the floor. Do the exercise three times.
I. p. – lying on your back, arms at sides. Bend your right leg at the knee and pull the knee to the left. Shoulders off the floor keep your. The knee bend to the floor. The head turns to the right. Stay in this position for eight seconds, then return to I. p. On the inhale bend your left leg at the knee and pull the knee to the right, head turn left. Stretch eight seconds.
Complete the practice exercise on the relaxation within five minutes. Lying on your back, close your eyes and focus on the sensations of the body. Mentally send a wave of relaxation in that part of the body that are overly tense. Try to achieve complete relaxation of all muscles of the body.