Light weight exercises for the abs, if there is no back injuries

If your back hurts, but the diagnosis of serious problems and diseases it is not revealed, your option is to do the usual exercises with smaller amplitude. For example, a typical exercise (lifting your body from a prone position), you need to do without lifting your lower back off the floor. That is to do the usual amount of redo, but off the floor only blades. If during exercises you don't strain your neck muscles, the risk to the back is minimal. The same applies to exercises, leg raises from position on the back – do not lift feet high, mark the movement and all the while, keep your lower back on a horizontal surface. [sidebar#2

What to doif back hurts

If you have problems with the spine, nerves, colds muscle, changes shape after giving birth – your choice - Pilates. This program was developed for rehabilitation of war veterans after trauma, it consists of almost static poses. Rip out your back or hurt her during Pilates is almost impossible. In Pilates there is a lot of static exercises for abs which are considered to be extremely effective.
When doing Pilates two to three times a week for an hour, the results will appear within a month. Moreover, you will strengthen the abdominal muscles, but will likely improve the condition of your back, legs and arms.

Enroll in a good Pilates Studio, where you will explain the principles of exercise. Try to resemble the different types of classes with Badaboom (ball with a diameter of fifty to sixty centimeters) or a special tape. As a rule, in large fitness clubs, there are entire classes devoted to the work on pressure.

If you aren't comfortable working out with other people, you can order two or three personal sessions to understand how to move, what to pay attention when you exercise, to obtain personal recommendations. Then you can buy a CD with a set of exercises, and botibol to do at home.

If you have a big weight and a bad back, so as not to injure her even more, sign up for Aqua aerobics. The water will support you, will remove the load on the spine and knees, and crunches under this load is enough to achieve good results within a few months.