The company "MegaFon" provides its customers with a huge number of tariffs to choose the best reduce costs can be difficult. The right choice will help make the definition their own needs for the use of specific services of the operator. This approach will allow to allocate three basic types of fares: standard, batch and special. After that you should analyze your needs and to put the most favorable rate.

For whom fit the standard tariffs of "MegaFon"?

Standard tariffs of "MegaFon" are suitable for people who use communication services not very often, and the main method of using mobile phone for them are standard calls. Such tariffs do not guarantee an optimal cost of one call, however, a rare use of the phone makes them the best option for cost optimization. A striking example of such services are the tariffs Go to zero", "simple" or "Three", suggesting that there is no subscription fee, a fixed price for each call and message. Each standard is accompanied by a tariff granting certain benefits (such as free calls with the subscribers of MegaFon in the region, starting from the second minute).

What is the advantage of tariff of "MegaFon"?

Block tariffs or packages from MegaFon involve the payment of fixed amount as the subscription fee for a month (purchase package), whereby the subscriber is given a certain number of minutes of conversation, message, mobile traffic. This proposal allows to optimize the communication costs to those people who actively use their mobile phone for calls, messages, visits to the sites. The company offers different packages, so to find a suitable option for your own needs usually is not too difficult. The customer can choose the package "All inclusive S", "All inclusive M", "All inclusive L and All inclusive VIP" All inclusive L CITY.

Why do you need the tariffs of "MegaFon"?

Special tariffs and tariff options from the mobile operator provide the most beneficial purchase any needed services. For example, the subscriber needs to frequently use long-distance relationship, so he needs to reduce the cost of such calls. In this case, it is sufficient to upgrade to "connecting cities", which will significantly reduce costs. Other tariffs of this category is "Around the world", "Warm welcome", "international". The same principle applies tariff option, but they can be used as a Supplement to any available rate.