To connect the tariff "MegaFon-Modem Unlimited" please contact any of the offices of your mobile operator. Upon receipt of your document, the employee will give you the most accurate information on this tariff plan, and will make connection (free of charge).
Check that before you connect to your account was not less than 150 rubles, as this amount will be deducted as advance payment for the tariff. Note that the first day of each month your balance will be charged a monthly fee which is equal to 1200 rubles. If you connected the tariff is not the first number, then the account will be debited the amount calculated proportionally to the remaining days until the end of the month.
Connect the tariff "MegaFon-Modem Unlimited" using the system "Service-Guide". Go on the Internet, in the address bar, type the email address of the cellular operator "the Megaphone" - After that go into the system, putting the ten digit number of your phone (92.......), password and characters shown in the picture (spam protection).
Once on the home page of the personal account, click on the tab "Services and tariffs". Select "Change of tariff options", find the desired rate and set before him a box that ticking. Finally, click "Make changes". Here you can see the prices, which are inclusive of VAT.
If you have no time to visit the official website of the operator or to call the office, you can use the customer service for this from your mobile dial the short number 0890, wait for a response operator. Tell us your passport details and explain the reason. The operator will connect you, then you will need to restart the phone.