You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - a sufficient amount of funds in the balance sheet.
To change tariff plan you can contact the nearest office of customer service network "MegaFon". Ask the operator to tell you about new tariffs and select one of them. Or offer your tariff plan, chosen in advance. Employee of the hall will change your rate to the new, and after 00:00 Moscow time it will come into force. For a change of tariff plan in the office charged 40 rubles to the balance of the phone.
You can change the tariff plan independently using USSD-command. Please, dial USSD-request *105*20# and press the call button. In return you will receive a message with the name of your current tariff and prompted his shift. If you answer "2", the process ends. If sent in response to the digits 1 will show you all the available to change tariffs. Select any plan and send a message with his number. If you have enough balance, and change of tariff is possible, you will confirm the operation. After 12 a.m. the changes will take effect. In a month you can do no more than 10 USSD-requests. The cost of self-change of tariff plan is 30 rubles.
To use the self-service system "Service-Guide" go to system. Enter the phone number and password. If you don't remember or know the password to access the personal Cabinet, make a USSD-request *105*00#. You send new code. Enter the "Service Guide", select the menu item "Services and rates" and "tariff plan Change". Select the desired tariff plan and the date of transition to it, click on the button "Order". Your rate will change to the specified day.
You can also send SMS-message with the code of the desired tariff plan for the number 000500, fill in the application form on the website of "MegaFon", send an email to the email address available in your region, or contact the information and referral service 0500. The tariff plan change will occur after consideration of the application or at 12 o'clock at night in Moscow.