Call the telephone reference service of Saint-Petersburg. If you're looking for the contact person's phone number in his address, then dial 09 or 990-91-11. Let the desired address, and a few seconds the operator will give you the number that corresponds to it. It must be remembered that this information is paid. Billing services will be available at the operator during a call.
If you are searching for the phone number of the enterprise, which are known only to the address, then call the "City information service" number 064, which is free and available around the clock. You can also visit the organization's website and to find the necessary information independently.
Use the telephone directory of St. Petersburg. If you have a paper version, you will have to scroll through many lists, as they are drawn up by name, not by address. In this case it is better to use catalogues since they will automatically sort and find the information you need. For example, can use the services of the website or
Enter the address and the name of the desired person and click "Search". If the desired information was not found, then try to limit the search to just the street, and then deselect unsuitable options. This is because you can make the wrong apartment number or telephone basis of incorrect information.
Contact the private detective Bureau. This method will help you if the telephone directory is outdated information. The fact that they are updated once a year, so set recently the phone is unknown to them. In this case, private detectives will help you find contacts much faster for a fee.
Visit the address at which searching for the phone. Talk to the locals and explain that you are unable to contact one of the tenants. It is best to turn to local old-timers. Perhaps some of them will empathize with you and will tell you the phone number.