You will need
  • Address, local phone number, full name, surname and patronymic of the subscriber, preferably date of birth.
Use the services of city information services company Rostelecom, dial 118 or 09 ( the number of reference service depends on the region you live in, ask you can in the Internet on the portal of telecommunication company "Rotelecom" ). Service works daily and round the clock. Please contact her with any landline phone and explain the situation, they will connect you with the Department responsible for such requests
If your PBX does not provide the ability to dial a three-digit number, or you want to use a mobile phone, check the "long room set" in the portal the same company. A call on the landline to help service 09 or 118 – free mobile – paid according to the tariff of your mobile operator.
Tell the operator the address of the person whose phone you are eager to learn, full name, surname and patronymic. If the subscriber has given his written consent to the disclosure of this information, the operator will give you the phone. If not, the operator will offer to switch you to a paid referral service. Paid service serves only landline calls.
The operator paid the Department learns your name and calls assigned to the address of the phone and specify whether it is possible to transmit data of the subscriber. In case of acceptance, you will receive a phone number. The expense for services paid information services will be included in the receipt for payment of telephone communication. This service is provided only during working hours.
If you don't know full data or are unsure of their accuracy, you should go directly to pay referral service. Dial the landline, room 009 or 138 ( depending on the region you live in) if your PBX supports a set of three-digit numbers, or specify a "long room set" in the Internet.